Chronos Update

It was all going so well. Quake 4, 1280×1024, maxed out, smooth as silk. Battlefield 2, 1600×1200, maxed out, smooth as silk. I played Q4 for about an hour with no stability problems. I played Battlefield 2 for about 15 mintues, and Chronos turned off. Again. Only this time, it wouldn’t turn back on.

So I pop the case, unplug everything but the CPU, HSF and mobo power connector. Still no boot. I haul the POS to CJ’s place. No boot. Swap PSU’s. Boots. Swap back to my PSU. Boots. Boggle. Swap back to CJ’s PSU, and CJ takes mine in his bawx. His bawx boots fine. Runs stably. I take his PSU. Still boots. Haul it back to my appartment. Tired, went straight to bed. Got up. Hooked up Chronos. Won’t boot. Unplug, replug. Boots. BIOS. I hear the screen res flipping as if it’s about to load up windows. I get hopeful. I’ve got a steady HDD light. Good… good… good… screen remains black, HDD light remains on. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. No sign of progress. Solid HDD, blank screen, but the screen isn’t in sleep mode – it’s just blank.

So, Chronos is back in critical condition, YET AGAIN. I feel more and more an idiot every day.

Also, I’ve cancelled our trip to Asheville this weekend. I’m just not up to it. My girlfriend is sick, my cat is sick, my PC is sick, my project (at work) is sick (buggy, and I’m not sure what’s wrong with it), my appartment is a wreck. I have no costume.