Cirque du Soleil: Corteo

Just got back from Corteo, my first live Cirque show, and it was awesome. I’ve wanted to see Cirque live forever, and I wasn’t dissappointed. Of course, we blew near $300 just on souvenirs and gifts, and the tickets weren’t cheap either… but it was well worth it! I wish you were allowed to take pictures, I’d be able to post some good shots up here – oh well.

The show is themed around a look at death in the 1920’s; the music, costumes, and plotful interludes follow this theme, though of course, the acts themselves aren’t particularly plot-related – not that that makes them any less spectacular. My three favorite acts were the ribbon act (that girl is fabulously gorgeous – wow), the juggling act, and, my top favorite of the night, the chandelier act at the very beginning of the show – I can’t wait to see it again on video (DVDs were $30, so I skipped that – it’ll be on Bravo for free soon enough), as I’m sure there’s a ton I missed while I was paying attention to the orchestra, the extras, or the angels constantly floating through the rafters, dropping things off, picking things up, and raining glitter down onto the stage.

There was also a great interlude where they put a midget in a harness, hooked her up to a mass of balloons, and floated her out into the audience, who got to bounce her around, kind of like a beach ball at a concert. It was hilarious, and inspiring: I’m determined to find a way to construct a similar rig for Boris, so we can float his lazy, furry ass around our apartment!

Okay, off to bed now – too much excitement for one night…