Neverwinter Nights 2 Crash on Windows 7

I’ve had Neverwinter Nights 2 pretty much since it was released, but I never bought the expansion packs. I installed it on my new machine, and it’s worked perfectly. Then I saw that the expansion packs were 50% off right now, so I went and grabbed them, digital download.

I installed the first expansion first, Mask of the Betrayer. I launched NWN2. It crashed before it ever started. I tried to update, in case there were updates specific to MotB, but it said I had to launch the game before I could update; but launching the game hangs instantly.
So I uninstalled, thinking the issue was that NWN2 was fully updated before I installed MotB, which is built against v1.10. I reinstalled NWN2, didn’t update it, just launched it, closed it, and installed MotB. And it crashed as soon as it opened.
So I installed Storm of Zehir. And it installed successfully. And NWN2 launched without crashing. SoZ is built against v1.20, so it was a short trip to the current latest v1.23, which also launches without crashing. All is well now.
Just thought I’d post this for anyone having Neverwinter Nights 2 crash on Windows 7 after installing Mask of the Betrayer. Try installing Storm of Zehir (if you’ve got it) and see if that helps. I don’t know if you have to install against a base (non-updated) copy of NWN2, as I haven’t tried it with updating NWN2 fully then installing the expansions. However, given that there are no catch-up patches and you have to install all the intermediate patches to get the boxed v1.00 up to the current v1.23, installing MotB and SoZ may be the fastest way to get a fresh install fully-updated anyway.
Hope that helps somebody out there!

Windows Backup Error (0x80070002) When Adding Custom Libraries

I’ve encountered an issue with Windows Backup in Windows 7 that, upon some research, appears to be both a) not uncommon and b) not new; it seems this has been an issue since the new backup tool arrived in Windows Vista. Users have posted in Microsoft’s forums, and Microsoft has responded with workarounds, but no indication that a fix is forthcoming.

For those with this issue (your backup completes successfully but “some files were skipped”, and the log shows something like “Backup encountered a problem while backing up file C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\My Projects Error:(The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002))” — the “My Projects” would be the name of a folder you added to a library you created), the fix is relatively simple.
  1. Either click the Change Backup Settings link from the error message, or open Backup and Restore and click Change Settings.
  2. Choose your destination drive.
  3. “Let me choose.”
  4. Uncheck any libraries you’ve created.
  5. At the bottom under Computer, expand you drive and work your way to the folder(s) contained in the libraries you disabled in step 4. Check each one.
  6. Click next, make sure all your files are listed, and click Save & Exit.
  7. Try your backup – it should complete successfully, with no files skipped.

NetBeans + Tomcat + Java for MacOS X 10.5 Update 4 = Fail

Just struggled with this for a couple of days. After updating MacOS X with the latest Java update (Java for MacOS X 10.5 Update 4, patching security holes mentioned in the news the last few weeks), I could no longer launch Tomcat from NetBeans. And that’s a Bad Thing. I use NetBeans all day for work, on a web application that gets tested through the local copy of NetBeans.

The error I was getting was that it couldn’t find a file/directory under “/var/folders/ZC/ZCcmX61vGaqOjbHwwgwW-k+++TI/-Tmp-/”. The filename changes every time, in the format “context1234567890123456789.xml”. The “+++” throws it off because the path is passed as a URL parameter to the Tomcat Manager, which converts the +’s to spaces.
The solution is to go to your NetBeans application folder, right-click the application, and choose Show Package Contents. Under Contents/Resources/NetBeans/etc, open netbeans.conf, and find the line for “netbeans_default_options”. Go to the end of this line, and add, inside the end quote, “”. Restart NetBeans, and you should be good to go.